Did you miss me?

It’s been a couple months since I last ranted to my adoring audience. (If you’re reading this, I mean you.) Everyone in the Dadgum household is doing fine; there wasn’t any crazy emergency or anything like that. Competing priorities and a renewed love for woodworking have simply kept me away from the keyboard since December. Unless, of course, you count placing online orders to Amazon and Home Depot, which I don’t.

In an oddly appropriate segue, however, here I am with a related post. If you look way back at the end of 2016, I posted a question on my blog asking how parents manage to juggle parenting and writing. Life comes at you fast, sometimes escorting you down an unforeseen path or back down a well-beaten one you haven’t traveled in a while. In my case, it’s been a bug nibbling at me telling me it’s time to reopen an Etsy shop and start selling handmade wooden projects again. (I’ll keep you posted on progress on that front.) Unless you have a rabid fan base hounding you daily for updates on your latest novel (I’m talking to you, Patrick Rothfuss), your writing is just a hobby and can easily be brushed aside when other things come up. So let’s hear what the parents-as-bloggers community had to say about balancing priorities.

The great paradox of parenthood: so much inspiration and so little time/energy/ability to write! On top of your ever-growing to-do list, you still found time to write this post. Victory!

For myself, I have learned to not be too ambitious with the pace of posts. I committed myself to writing every day in November (for NaNoWriMo), and guess what? I feel far short of my goal. I teach full-time, so that kind of dream is just not attainable. Plus, at least for me, my writing is better when I let inspiration lead the way (vs. prescribed deadlines and posting times).

Even in this crazy season of life, you’ll find what works for you. And your readers will be grateful for all the good writing to come

Lauren Fortenberry – Unlearning


I wish I had the answer! I used to do it a lot in the evenings but my husband got the hump so now we have ‘takeaway and scrabble Thursdays’ to force me to have a break. I try to fit some in when my toddler is in preschool but have to regimented about allocated a time slot otherwise either no housework gets done, or no writing gets done. It’s definitely a tricky one! Good luck

Nicola – Mummy Wales


I keep my early morning time for writing just because I do not want it to shorten Kiddo’s time. I am already working full time and my Kiddo must feel my absence. But yes, I keep my eyes and mind open for ideas; anytime. Sometimes, writing happens in Office time but definitely not when I am with my Kid.

Upasna – Life Through My Bioscope


When I go laid off two years ago I ended up finding a job closer to home. The drive home can be anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the traffic. But I get home by 6pm or earlier every evening and this is the first job I’ve had that has allowed that for me, which is great! (I used to get home by 7pm with my previous jobs). I must say that extra hour at home is nice but it doesn’t make me less busy! LOL!

This definitely isn’t my dream job but for now it’s working for me and my family. I would much rather be writing/blogging for a living! Taking steps to see if that can become a reality.

Jennifer Traynor – Mama at Heart

Thanks to all who contributed, and sorry for the delay in posting your answers. In the spirit of our ever-evolving hopes, dreams, and wishes, I can safely say there will be some changes coming to The DADgum Blog in 2017. More on that coming soon. Until then, keep on juggling. And if a few balls hit the ground, pick them back up and try again. Everyone else is too busy juggling their own to notice you dropped one of yours.