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One of my goals when starting this blog was to either create or augment a community where parents can come together to share stories, encouragement and experiences with other another. So I wanted to give a shout-out to some of the great people I have worked with and who have featured some of my work so far. Check out their sites via the links below.

  • Being a parent is funny, difficult, inspiring, challenging…and everything in-between! Lucy At Home is a mummy blog that tries to embrace it all; celebrating the highs and working through the lows. You’ll find a real mix of posts on there from thoughtful, contemplative pieces, to song parodies, to product reviews and child-friendly travel destinations. She also runs a guest blogger series called Bloggers Bluff where the contestant has to provide 3 unusual stories about themselves, 2 of which are true and 1 which is false. The readers then get to speculate on which story is the bluff.
  • Geraldine is the owner and sole author of Over Heaven’s Hill, a family and parenting blog. She writes about life as a mum of one living in the Irish countryside and “becoming the new me through parenting.” She writes parenting articles, including opinion pieces, tips and tricks and reviews. She features Creative Writing on Sundays and an In Conversation With series with other Mums and Dads, on Wednesdays, who share their experience of parenting.
  • The Baby Spot is a Global Parenting Magazine. After starting as a Canadian Parenting Magazine, The Baby Spot knew that parents needed access to information from experts, celebrities and writers from all over the world! They focus on pregnancy, babies, parenting children of all ages, positive parenting articles, recipes, tips, travel and more!
  • Joe Wing, foremost, is a first-time father to his son, Noah, and creator of Father. Food. Fun. F. F. F. began after the birth of his son and passing of his father. The goal is to celebrate fatherhood, as well as share great food recipes and ideas for family fun. Find my featured article here.
  • Get ConnectDAD

5 thoughts on “Also Featured On…

  1. What a delightful site you have here. My hat is off to you and all the other dad’s who take seriously their primary role in giving children all they need to become happy, successful, fruitful adults. I’m not a parent myself, but in almost 40 years of teaching, I have literally helped “parent” thousands of children. How desperately our kids today need dad’s and their loving comfort and guidance. I’m passing on several of these links to two young dad’s who are forced to travel extensively in their jobs, and who need help staying firmly connected with their kids. Thanks for the work you are doing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My pleasure. I was a traveling dad for a couple years, so I can certainly sympathize with them. Feel free to send them my way if they need any guidance whatsoever! Thanks for sharing.


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